1. The Navajo Nation shall not deny an application for a homesite lease based on the applicant’s sex, religious association, clan membership, political philosophy, personal grudges, chapter affiliation, income, education, public or private status, or tribal affiliation so long as the applicant meets all requirements required by law.
  2. Applicant(s) must be over 18 years of age.
  3. An applicant can apply for only one homesite lease, with such withdrawal limited to one (1) acre or less of tribal trust or fee land, excluding withdrawals of lands for residential subdivisions and other types of withdrawals, pursuant to 2 N.N.C. § 501.
  4. Applicant must be an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, however, a non-member of the Navajo Nation who is legally married to an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation may be eligible through joint husband-wife application, with proof of such legal marriage, by issuance of a valid marriage license under the laws or jurisdiction of the Navajo Nation or any State.

Is your homesite lease in a feasible location?
  1. Have you consulted with all valid Grazing Permittee(s) that reside within 1/2 a mile of your proposed HSL location?
  2. Is your proposed homesite lease within a prime grazing area?
  3. Are you in compliance with the Chapter's Community Land Use Plans (CLUP) for Residential development?
  4. Have you reviewed the biological map to insure your proposed homesite lease is within Area 3 or Area 4 (
    • Area 1: (RED)High Sensitive Area/ may require further studies($600-$1,800.00)
    • Area 2: (PURPLE) Moderate Sensitive Area(may require additional fees $600 - $1,800.00)
    • Area 3: (BLUE) No impact area [Biological Resources Compliance Form (BRCF) from Navajo Fish & Wildlife Department (NFWD)]
    • Area 4: (GREY) No impact area (BRCF from NFWD)
  5. Are you willing to pay more than $1,000 for the Environmental Assessment, if your proposed homesite lease is located within the RED biological high sensitive area?
  6. Is your proposed homesite lease within a flood plain area?
  7. How far away is your closest neighbor?
  8. Have you considered sharing utility cost?
Infrastructure consideration?
  1. How far away is the nearest power line from your proposed homesite?
  2. How far away is the nearest water line from your proposed homesite?
  3. How far away is the telecommunication line from your proposed homesite?
  4. Will you be able to get cell services within your proposed homesite?
  5. Are you willing to pay $16,500 per mile for power line extension, if your homesite is 1/2 mile away from developed infrastructure?
  6. Are you willingto pay $8,000 per mile for waterline extension, if your homesite is 1/2 mile away from developed infrastructure?
    (Power line and Water line Extension over a 1/2 mile will require an Environmental Assessment.)
Road to your home?
  1. How will you get to your homesite? New road?
  2. How far is the access road to your proposed homesite lease?
  3. Are you willing to pay for additional environmental assessments for your ingress and egress to your proposed homesite (all roads)? So, the chapter can provide maintenance service to your homesite?
  4. Will you be considered a liability to the chapter during the inclement weather and emergency situation?

  1. Application – Client shall obtain an application from Agency Land offices or online at
    • Client will complete Page 2 (Acknowledgement), Page 3 (Joint Applicant Form-if applicable), and FORM 1, Section 1 on Page 4.
    • Client will then meet with a Grazing Officer to record the proposed homesite’s GPS coordinates on FORM 1, Section 2 of Page 4,
    • The Grazing Officer will also complete FORM 2, Sections 1-3 on Page 5 to distinguish grazing permittee(s) affected within a ½ mile radius of the proposed homesite for consent.
    • Client will then make copies of FORM 3 on Page 6 as needed and shall then obtain consents from those listed.
  2. Submit Application & Fee Payments:
    • Client shall submit the Homesite Leases Application once you get the consent from the Grazing Officer and Grazing Permittee(s), with a money order of $30.00 for the Filing Fee, made payable to the "Navajo Nation."
  3. Biological Clearance:
    • Navajo Fish & Wildlife will conduct a Biological Review of the proposed homesite. If NO biological concerns, a “Biological Compliance Form” will be issued. If concerns do arise, client will need to select another homesite in Area 3 or 4 of the biological map.
  4. Archaeological Clearance:
    • Client will need to hire a Private Archaeologist at their own expense to conduct an inventory of the proposed homesite and shall report findings to the Navajo Historic Preservation Department for review. Client is responsible for submitting a copy of their receipt to NLD once completed.
  5. Legal Survey
    • Client will need to hire a Certified Land Surveyor at their own expense to conduct a civil survey and survey plat for the proposed homesite. Client is responsible for submitting a copy of their receipt and survey plat to NLD once complete.
  6. Historic Preservation Department (HPD):
    • HPD shall issue a “Cultural Resources Compliance Form (CRCF)” if there are no archaeological concerns. Client is responsible for submitting a copy of the CRCF to NLD once complete.
  7. Environmental Compliance Determination (ECD)
    • General Land Department will conduct an environmental review of the proposed homesite. If there are NO environmental concerns, a clearance letter will be issued to the client. If concerns do arise a full-fledged Environmental Assessment will be required if the client still desires that same location.
  8. Navajo Land Department Director Approval
    • Complete homesite lease application with all required documents shall then be packaged and sent to the NLD Director for review and approval on behalf of the Navajo Nation.
    • If approved, copies will be sent to the client, BIA, and Southwest Title Plant-Albuquerque, NM for records.
    • First year’s HSL Rental Fee is expected at this time in the amount of $12 through money order payable to the Navajo Nation.

Can only be done in person at Agency Land offices. Modifications include change of marital status, name, probates, and adding/deleting an individual to/from an approved lease. Original Approved Homesite Lease with proof of identification and all other legal documents will be required.
  1. $45.00 Money Order, for Filing Fees (Non-refundable)
  2. Applicant must be 18 years or older
  3. Certificate of Navajo Indian Blood, must have enrollment number with the NN Census Office
  4. Marriage License, Divorce Documents, and/or Death Certificate
  5. Past unpaid Annual Fees (must be paid in full before any Modification can be done).
  6. All required compliance clearances need to be submitted; Certifited Survey plat, Cultural Resource Compliance, Biological Clearance and an Environmental Compliance Determination. If you don't have one of these clearacnes then Navajo Land Departemnt would have to request for the clearance before final approval.


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