General Land Development Department

Process land use applications received for proposed projects that require Tribal review and consideration. Proposed projects on, over and across Tribal lands includes:

  • Right-of-Way
  • Right-of-Way (aka APD, Sundry, etc.)
  • Service line agreements
  • Sand and gravel permits
  • Revocable use permits
  • Revocable joint use permits
  • Temporary construction easements
  • Land withdrawals
  • Field clearance (Business Site Clearance)
  • Agreements
  • Various leases
Review for compliance with appropriate Tribal and Federal laws, regulations, policies and recommend for Navajo Nation approval. Develop administrative policies/procedures to ensure the effective review, coordination and compliance as provided by law.

Research and review land title, appraise and administer BLM, State and U.S. Forest Services grazing leases, agreement and property taxes, record and file records for future reference and general information.
  • Program plan of operation
  • Program budget
  • Supervision
  • Delegation
  • Fees and charges for services
Provide professional and technical support to other Tribal offices, committees, chapters or Navajo residents and perform appropriate action that may be necessary and proper to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of Project Review activities.

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    » Click here to download New Telecommunication Tower Checklist

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    » Click here to download Telecommunications Tower Site Sublease

    » Click here to download the Mutual Termination of Telecommunication

    » Click here to download the "preferred" application(s) submittal format

For more information please contact:
Address: P.O. Box 69 St. Michael, AZ 55376

Elerina Yazzie
Program Manager
☎ (928) 871-6401

Howard Draper
Program & Project Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6447

Michelle Hoskie
Office Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6447

Stevie Hudson
Office Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6447