General Land Development Department

The Navajo Nation General Land Development Department administers developmental actions on approximately 17 million acres of Navajo Trust and Fee Lands with the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. GLDD is among thirteen departments within the Division of Natural Resources in the Navajo Nation Government. GLDD is charges with leasing authority of Telecommunications; Easements for all Right-of-Ways (Oil & Gas lines, Power lines, Water lines, Service Line Agreements, etc.), Land Withdrawals, Permits, Mission Sites, Permit to Drill and Permission to survey.


Most recently, the US Department of interior approved the “Navajo Nation General Leasing Regulations of 2013,” giving the Navajo Nation authority to issue its own leases, permits, agriculture, public relations, education, recreation, and residential leases on fee and trust lands. Thus, the Navajo Nation established a General Land Development Department to process all leases and conduct environmental reviews. All leases, permits and Rights-of-Way are electronically processed through the Navajo Nation System and stored electronically.


GLDD administratively processes 164 projects electronically using our unique software; The Navajo Nation System. This allows projects to be reviewed by Navajo EPA, Department of Water Resources, Fish & Wildlife, Historic & Heritage Preservation Department, Division of Natural Resources Administration, Navajo Land Department and Minerals in a timely manner.
GLDD has greatly reduced the time in which it took to process development applications by switching to electronic processing.


  • Filing Fee
  • Letter of Application
  • (Telecom Lease or ROW Application if applicable)
  • Environmental Reviews (Biological and Cultural Resources Compliance Form)
  • Field Clearance / Consents
  • Legal Survey
  • Supporting Chapter Resolution


    » General Leasing Regulations
    » Land Withdrawal Process
    » Land Withdrawal Designation Checklist
    » Mission Site Process
    » Telecommunication Tower Site Lease
    » Consent Form #1
    » Records Request Form
    » Filing Fees

For more information please contact:
Elerina Yazzie
Department Manager
☎ (928) 871-7197

Howard Draper
Projects & Program Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6359

Steven Chischilly, Jr.
Environmental Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6490

Belinda Chee
Senior ROW Agent
☎ (435) 651-3504

Howard Martinez
Land Support Agent
☎ (928) 871-6435

Stevie Hudson
Senior Office Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6423

Michelle Hoskie
Office Specialist
☎ (928) 871-6447

Address: P.O. Box 69 St. Michaels, AZ 86511