Welcome to Navajo Land Department

Vision Statement

"Acquire, Record, Regulate, Value, and Preserve Our Sacred Navajo Lands (Diné Bí Kéyah)"

Mission Statement

"To provide quality customer service by utilizing technology, legal authority, cultural awareness, and continuous education, to insure proper optimum use of real property for all to benefit."

Five (Chinle, Crownpoint, Shiprock, Tuba City, Ft. Defiance, Utah) Agency offices within the Navajo Nation assist clients in obtaining a one-acre residential lease for 75 years. The Leasee has an option of renewal of lease or assign the lease to another individuals or even terminate the lease. The lease provides an opportunity for the Navajo families to build a home or even mortgage a home with lease hold interest. Before obtaining a HSL, the Leasee must comply with all federal and Navajo environmental laws to obtain clearances to build a home on the Navajo Nation.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide Information Technology (IT) services of administration computer applications and hardware for the Navajo Land Department and its Navajo agency offices. Work closely with the County Record offices, Bureau of Indian Affairs and US Bureau of Land Management to verify and research Navajo Nation land status, coordinates, and generate maps of various land layer boundaries. Hold all digital information of land status for the Navajo Nation and utilizing current technologies to integrate the data into an efficient automated geographic data for access and distribution of non-sensitive data for the Navajo people to benefit.

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Project review processes application for projects and finalizes lease agreements for all proposed projects within Navajo Trust Land and Navajo Fee Lands which requires Tribal review and consideration of the Resources Development Committee of the Navajo Nation Council. Lease agreements are review for compliance for Tribal and Federal Laws, Regulations and Policies. Project Review give permission to survey, permit to drill, Right-of-way, Service line Agreement, Sand and Gravel Permits, Revocable use Permits, Land Conveyance Agreements, Field clearance for land conveyance and Business site lease clearance, Temporary construction easement, and other leases on the Navajo Nation.

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Title / Records Section conducts research into all aspects of land title, receives and maintain land records, assists and participate in land exchanges, real estate purchases and/or gift of lands. Administer the Navajo Nation Land Acquisition Program on behalf of the Navajo Nation, review all land appraisals and make recommendation for purchase to the Navajo Nation Council. Administer property tax payments and valuations on all Navajo Nation fee lands. Process revocable use permits for Mission Site permits for the Fort Defiance Agency.

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To establish new survey points, assist the Home Site Lease Land Surveyors. As well as other surveyors to use these new legal points, saving time spent driving miles in the un-surveyed areas.

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We are very excited to present our first newsletter on “What the Navajo Land Department is up to” and to offer you a small sample of insightful news pieces to keep you informed of our upcoming events and activities.

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