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Vision Statement
"Administer, Acquire, Record, Regulate, Value, and
Preserve Our Sacred Navajo Lands (Diné Bí Kéyah)"

Mission Statement
"To provide quality customer service by utilizing technology, legal authority, cultural awareness, and continuous education, to insure proper optimum use of real property for all to benefit."

Overview of Administrative Services
Complete goals and objectives according to the Plan of Operation for the Navajo Land Department. Oversee routine office procedures, policies, employee performance evaluations, expenditure reports, monthly, quarterly, and annual budget proposals, chapter briefings, executive summaries, and human resource concerns and required processes. Maintain guidance and supervision for all department programs and activities, Plan, manage, and supervise program activities relating to the use of real property and land development projects held by the Navajo Nation. Conduct procedure analysis and develop office management plans and procedures. Incorporate new office methods and procedures as required.

Oversee Navajo Nation land development projects and become involved as required in land concerns and disputes. Provide and recommend available services to the Navajo People clientele. Communicate, coordinate, and make recommendations to benefit the Navajo Nation in all land development projects and acquisitions. Represent and coordinate projects with appropriate contacts of the Navajo Nation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, State, County, private, and other entities involved. Provide representation to the Navajo Nation courts for testimony, verification of legal land documents, surface and sub-surface issues, and boundary disputes, etc.

Provide administrative support and briefing presentations or reports required to the division, and executive administration. Acquaint administration of all section and agency sub-office projects and land development concerns and their progress.
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